Response to the men’s Spanx question…

A reader has inquired about my opinion on “the new men’s Spanx, aka ‘shapewear.'”

Truth is, I had no opinion about it until you asked, as I had never heard of it.  My office’s internet filter won’t let me surf the site, which led me to believe that it might be interesting.

Thank goodness for Google, which sent me to The Huffington Post (which I read despite my politics, as I think it’s important to consume points of view that conflict with one’s own).  Huffpo’s article on the subject says it all.

The punchline:  I’m an “anti.”  Spanx smacks of false advertising, false vanity, and worst of all, strikes another blow against all that is macho, virile, and right.  As if earrings, carryalls, and make-up for men aren’t offensive enough.

If a man doesn’t want to look fat, he shouldn’t be fat.  He should eat well, drink moderately, and have a little respect for himself and his partner.  Should he choose to do otherwise, or should the march of time take its toll, he should wear it as a badge of pride, and expect to bear the consequences.

3 Responses to “Response to the men’s Spanx question…”

  1. swati says:

    I probably need to see a picture to be able to determine if I agree or disagree…:-D


  2. Big Sis says:

    A before and after would be interesting. Any volunteers?

  3. swati says:

    Haha – you are right! That is what the women’s ads look like!


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