Pop a jelly, please the belly…

For curbing the cravings while stuck staring down your computer screen, we love these intensely flavored jelly beans from Jelly Belly.

The big jug from Costco will keep you in action: a bowl full on your desk is a great way to schmooze and dish at work with fellow snackmongers who can’t slide by without a few.

My only gripe: the cinnamon and licorice that are cleverly disguised like my favorite flavors grape and strawberry – blech! Who likes black licorice anyway?  It’s for grandpas.

Btw,  Jelly Belly’s come in sugar free flavors too…..

4 Responses to “Pop a jelly, please the belly…”

  1. River Girl says:

    The problem with Jelly Belly is I can’t eat just one…. And I love the black licorice!

  2. RedShoeWay says:

    I’ve been reminded of the palate cleansing properties of the black licorice from those with discerning taste

  3. I didn’t know they came in sugar free!! Whew!


  4. Newport Girl says:

    I want to try the sugar-free ones! Does the taste differ from the original flavors?


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