Bra Toss

Is the first thing you do after a long day is rip off your booby binder and sling shot it across the room? If you have droopy girls like I do, this annoying cloying comfort-destroying straightjacket is a necessity.

Lately though, I (and my droopy girls) have been basking in my new find… the new bra by Spanx!!!! Not only does this new bra’s hosiery-like material hide the back fat, there is nothing on it to dig into your skin. Even the underwire is barely noticeable.  No more need to “adjust” your bra like a ball player…

Comes in regular, racerback, push-up, and wireless versions…Woohoo! Bra’llelujah!

See below for a handy sizing guide.

2 Responses to “Bra Toss”

  1. The Dude says:

    Speaking for the male of the species, we are in favor of tossing bras.


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