Beauty Bias, legal recourse or discourse?

Newport Girl forwarded us a interesting article  provoking us to think about Beauty Bias and if it could be corrected by legal means.

Dahlia Lithwick’s opening salvo in Beauty Bias is Unfair points out ” the only way for 40-year-old actresses to be compensated like 40-year-old actors is to have them look and dress like the teenage daughters of 40-year-old actors”

Sex and the City 2

I too found some aspects of the movie troubling, what message are we sending?

At the same time, when it comes to this discussion on this subject we can quickly find our high heals in quicksand.  Haven’t we come far enough t0 have an open dialogue with out having to resort to legal footstomping? Which, at times “unintentionally” undermines our credibility.

We must ask our selves, will cultural change 0ccur through laws or can we influence change by our choices and voices?

BTW, RedShoeWay thanks Newport Girl for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. forever39 says:

    I agree, isn’t there a better way than another law to litigate? not only have we lost our sense but our sense of decency to each other…..


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