The Red Shoes

What is it about red shoes? On a day when I need to feel powerful, I wear red shoes. My favorite are the Ferragamo’s with red flames. They say to the world “Look at me, see how confident I am in my flaming red shoes?”

Last week, my close friend was being sidelined by her co-workers (male, of course) on a real estate deal. She borrowed the Flaming Ferragamos for two days and instantly they were humbled. Okay, just kidding about that last part…but she did feel better, which was the point.

There is something about shoes seems to transform us. I admit it, when I need to feel better I will often gaze down at my shoes and comment to myself on the stunning purple snakeskin Blahniks I bought on the triple markdown at Nordstrom Rack. Or admire the way my shiny gold espadrilles look on my size 11 feet, seemingly shrinking my canoe feet (size 11) to a petite sample size 6 1/2 (pure fantasy).

Shoes give us something immediately identifiable about another woman… can I relate to her? Is she lowkey and accessible in her loafers, or is she edgy and unapproachable in her platforms? Shoes are our common language, our identity du jour for the day, something that we say without saying a word.

What do your favorite shoes say about you?

9 Responses to “The Red Shoes”

  1. Red shoes are evil. :-)

  2. RedShoeWay says:

    Red is what shoes are for.

  3. Confession: I have a pair of red sandals that I pull out sometimes just to look at…they make me happy :-)!

  4. Cari says:

    Well, ruby slippers DO have special powers but I don’t wear them because I don’t want to accidentally end up back in Kansas, Toto!

  5. CharlieGirl says:

    Watch out – Toto also likes to chew on ruby slippers (I have found that one out the hard way!)

  6. TheDude says:

    I was in Kansas once and it was hot as balls. No need to return there any time soon.

  7. CharlieGirl says:

    Trust the dude to bring it down to the most basic level.

  8. TheDude says:

    Yes. Dude=basic. As I’ll reiterate with great frequency, men are simple creatures.


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