Sale Season!!

Timing my shopping around the third markdown is the female equivalent of waiting for deer hunting season: it is all about stalking my prey with patience and precision, waiting for just the right time to pounce.

Get nervous and buy too soon, you may pay more than you need to, depleting your reserves that could be used elsewhere.

Wait too long, you may be hunting amidst the reject pile.

As the moment approaches, Big Sis and I lay out our game plan………Where we attack first is based on previous scouting missions with a keen eye to who has the most product, like an overgrown herd that needs to be thinned.

Having a good spotter is key; a sales person who knows your preferences and stalks for you, hiding among the reeds, pulling your favorites the minute the third markdown hits.

You may think us silly for our process… but remember, next time you eye my new Pucci skirt, just remember it cost the same amount as that shirt from Ann Taylor, and its a heck of a lot more fun.

2 Responses to “Sale Season!!”

  1. swati says:

    Oh that was delicious!! I could feel the hunt and the victory – oh yes!!


  2. CharlieGirl says:

    I like to sit in my closet and revel in the my recently captured booty!


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