About Us

I’m Charlie Girl. By day a professional working woman, by night obsessing about shoes, clothes, men, purses, cookies, why my pants don’t fit and a host of other trivial things. I have girlfriends and sisters I love and depend on, who also make fun of me for my little obsessions (even though they also obsess about theĀ same things!) and constant foibles.

Big Sis is a reformed Wall-Streeter and self-described news junkie. Reknown for her eagle-eye in spotting good deals, Big SisĀ also serves as fashion consultant, financial advisor, marketing guru and rational sounding board during my (many) irrational moments. She also has an annoying habit of finding the best gifts and consistently outdoing me in the family Christmas gift sweepstakes.

The Dude seeks to demystify the male species. Financial executive by day, one of the guys by night, he chooses to remain anonymous lest he be taken to task by his buds for revealing trade secrets.